Nikiski, Alaska

Laundromat Services

We have regular household washers as well as industrial washers; with high quality soap recommended by Eco Lab that is programmed to each setting depending on your laundry needs. Best for the dirtiest of jobs.

Delivery services for companies and the laundry facilities are available for public use.

Laundry Prices

Drop off :

Regular load $11.00
Small Load $6.00
Sleeping bags $15.00
Rugs $2.00 a foot and up to 10 ft
Coveralls $3.00 ea
Insulated gear or heavy soiled $6.00 ea

Public use:

Regular washers $2.50
Dryers $ .25 for 6 minutes

Industrial washers:

( Call ahead of time to check availability )

Double loader: $4.25
Triple loader $8.00
50 lbs washer $10.00

Soap $.75 , Iron $3.00, Steam $3.00

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We serve individuals and businesses